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Ceramic Platter (36.5cm diameter x 2.5cm high)

$ 150.00
The platter speaks volumes - yet has this incredible way of making you the centre of attention. Where do we start? It says "I made an extra special effort" and "these delights are worthy of a platter", it says "you're really, really important to me" and "this is a very special occasion indeed". When you think about it, the platter is your greatest accessory and quite possibly your best friend.

This ceramic piece has been handmade in the Adelaide Hills by South Australian Worth Gallery artist Jane Burbidge. The design is a collaboration between The Beerenberg Family Farm, Worth Gallery and the artist. This piece is wheel thrown, high fired cool ice porcelain and is hand sanded. The glazes are custom made for this range and carefully applied by hand.

We recommend using a warm damp cloth to wipe clean. Although the piece is dishwasher safe, it is precious, so handle with care.


(Total minimum order of $19.50)