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BLOOD ORANGE MARMALADE is the reason George gets up so early (300g net)

$ 5.20
Five extra minutes in bed? Or an extra slice of toast with his favourite marmalade? There's no contest according to George. One morning, he went through half a loaf of wholemeal. Made in our family farm kitchen using sweet, juicy Aussie blood oranges, we hope it gets your family out of the bed quicker too.

Discover the pure deliciousness of fresh Australian blood oranges in this exquisite marmalade.

Ingredients: Sugar, Orange (27%), Glucose, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid. GLUTEN FREE

Refrigerate after opening

Servings Per Pack: 20 Serving Size: 15g

Energy (100g)

1040 kJ

Protein (100g)

Less than 1g

  • Gluten

Not detected

Fat – Total (100g)

Less than 1g

Fat – Saturated (100g)

Less than 1g

Carbohydrate – Total (100g)


Carbohydrate – Sugars (100g)


Sodium (100g)

Less than 5mg


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