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Farm Selection Basket (44W x 33D x 15H)

$ 75.00
A delicious selection of products grace our Farm Selection Basket - from our farm to your pantry. Something for everyone to try - or to keep for yourself if you don't feel like sharing!

A delicious selection of jams, condiments and dressings grace our Farm Selection Basket. From our farm to your pantry, the selection includes:-

Strawberry Jam 300g

Balsamic Beetroot Relish 280g

Boxing Day Chutney 280g

Toastie Relish 280g

Mango Lime & Chilli Dressing - 300ml

Asian Dressing & Dipping Sauce 300ml

Tomato Sauce 300ml

Roadhouse Steak Sauce 300ml

Blackberry Jam  - sml jar - 30g

Raspberry Jam -  sml jar - 30g

Apricot Jam - sml jar - 30g

Bavarian Mustard - sml jar - 30g


Refer individual product labels

Refer individual product labels

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