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'You're TOTE-ally Great!' (34W x 10D x 38H)

$ 60.70
How can you go past the melding of some of our great products, put inside our roomy tote for your tote-ally someone special? Combine four of our delicious products and one fabulous tote and what do you have? A tote-ally wonderful gift!

Inside our hard-wearing Tote, made of 100% cotton canvas with long leather handles, you’ll find the following delectable products to treat your very special someone:-

Eggplant & Tomato Relish 260g net

Cheeseboard Chutney 300g net

Rose Petal Jelly 300g net

Pear & Vanilla Jam 300g net

Refer individual product labels

Refer individual product labels

(Total minimum order of $19.50)
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