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Pear and Vanilla Jam as elegant as Cathryn's wardrobe (300g net)

$ 5.20
This is the jam that could be proudly paraded on the world's most famous catwalks.
Cathryn's taste in jam backs up her taste in fashion. "Why follow a trend when you can start one?" A point verified by the contents of this jar. Subtle vanilla notes entwine ripe Corella pears. A South Australian hybrid variety developed way back in the 1800s. Proving style never dates.

The vanilla note in our Pear & Vanilla Jam combines subtly with the fruit to create a delicate balance of flavor and sophistication.  Equally at home on your breakfast table, cheese platter or at High Tea, you’ll always wish for a jar in your fridge.

Ingredients:  Pear (50%), Sugar, Glucose (Wheat), Vanilla Paste (0.5%), Pectin, Citric Acid. CONTAINS WHEAT. Refrigerate after opening

Servings per Pack: 20   Serving Size: 15g

Energy (100g) 1170 kJ
Protein (100g) Less than 1g
Fat – Total (100g) Less than 1g
Fat – Saturated (100g) Less than 1g
Carbohydrate – Total (100g) 65.2g
Carbohydrate – Sugars (100g)
Sodium (100g) Less than 5mg


(Total minimum order of $19.50)

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