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Who's behind the labels

All the stories on our labels are based on a real member of the Beerenberg family. You can find out more about them below and, if you see them around the farm, ask if what’s written is really true! 

26 profiles

Anthony This Toastie Relish helps Anthony make the biggest decision of the day... What to have for lunch. A toasted sandwich is never far from lunchtime thoughts when Anthony has Toastie Relish in his sights. A thick glug of this rich and lightly spicy caramelised onion blend,adds that satisfying warmth to your filing of choice. This relish is perfect inside or on the side of your toasty treat. Anthony chooses both. See product
Chad Cook Chad is a new cook to the Beerenberg kitchen. See product
Chris If you ask Chris TAKA TALA DRESSING makes a salad roar. Chris no longer calls salad 'rabbit food'. He was first enticed by it's aromatic charms, even though it adorned a salad. "Just try it," pleaded Nan. And once he started, he didn't stop. Such is the sorcery of the exotic Taka Tala flavour. See product
Christopher Cook Christopher is one of the cooks in the Beerenberg kitchen. See product
Damien New Cook Damien is a new cook to the Beerenberg kitchen. See product
Deb An absolute classic Orange Marmalade just like Grandma Deb If we could bottle her compliments, we'd all be millionaires. Our research (by no means extensive) shows thousands of Australian Grandmas, like Deb, absolutely love our orange marmalade. It's right up there with her grandkids, hugs and talkback radio. We're sure it'll bring plenty of smiles to your breakfast table too. We'd love to see the photos. See product

26 profiles
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