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Who's behind the labels

All the stories on our labels are based on a real member of the Beerenberg family. You can find out more about them below and, if you see them around the farm, ask if what’s written is really true! 

26 profiles

Garry Like Garry this Hot Tomato Chutney is anything but bland Garry is a whiz in the kitchen. While he hasn't yet featured on a national TV cooking show, he easily could. And despite having a pantry full of the world's best condiments, this spicy chutney is the one he reaches for most often. If you love it too, please drop Garry a line. See product
Haydn Cook Haydn is one of our Head Cooks here at Beerenberg. Not only does he get to (nicely) boss the others around, he gets to put his mark on each and every batch: the mark of perfection! See product
Jeff CREAMY PARMESAN CAESAR DRESSING fit for a king like Uncle Jeff Uncle Jeff reckons that Caesar is "The King of Salads". Who are we to disagree? That's why we make our Caesar dressing with extra parmesan cheese to give it a truly royal flavour. It's never let Uncle Jeff down. And we're sure it'll help you impress too. See product
Julie You can't stop Julie singing the praises of our Red Pepper Relish When Julie's happy - she sings. And this Relish makes her happy. So she constantly looks for new ways to use it. To date she's made pasta sauces, curries, stir-fries, dips and even muffins. A few of her best recipes are on our website. Please let us know what you think. See product
Karen The Sweet Mustard Pickle that's as surprising as Karen's hobbies The Sweet Mustard Pickle that's as surprising as Karen's hobbies. Karen's a creative dynamo. Adding more than a little flair to every one of her passions, from skiing to sewing and then to her culinary pursuits. A touch of Sweet Mustard Pickle is all the inspiration it takes here. Spread on simple sandwiches, or served with meaty meals and vegetables, this classic favourite is always up for the culinary challenge. See product
Lee Slightly devilish Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion just like Lee The word 'bland' has no place in the life of Lee. He likes things speedy and spicy does our Lee. So whenever he BBQs, he simply twists off this lid and lays it on thick. The rest of us use a little less. Do you? See product

26 profiles
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