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Who's behind the labels

All the stories on our labels are based on a real member of the Beerenberg family. You can find out more about them below and, if you see them around the farm, ask if what’s written is really true! 

26 profiles

Leslie You can never have enough Cranberry Sauce on turkey says Leslie Auntie Leslie loves Christmas. So she tries to extend it all year 'round by regularly cooking up a feast. Roast turkey, roast chicken, roast anything as long as it's served with her favourite Cranberry Sauce. Our family never complains. And we're betting neither will yours once you open this jar. Tell us what you think via email. See product
Marilyn As a girl, Aunty Mazz was only allowed Tartare Sauce if she caught something It's the reason why Aunty Mazz is so good at fishing. With the promise of the family's famous Tartare Sauce waiting for her, a catch was never far away. It turns any fish into a luscious meal. Except carp. See product
Matt Like Matt's pet, Chilli Jam is only mildly dangerous Looks (and often names) can be deceptive. Like this Chilli Jam that was the inspiration behind the naming of Matt's pet lizard, "Chilli". It's made using fresh Australian chillies and crafted to be sensationally sweet yet savoury at the same time. Confused? You won't be as soon as you serve it with chips or sausage rolls. Let us know what you think. See product
Matthew Cooks Process Manager Matthew Whitlock is the Cooks' Process Manager in the Beerenberg kitchen. See product
Michael Cook Michael is one of our cooks in the farm kitchen here at Hahndorf. Doesn't mind a bit of hard work over a hot stove, all done with his signature cheeky grin. See product
Nikki Mango Lime & Chilli Dressing Nikki thought she'd try something different. Like serving her husband a salad. Thankfully for the 'meat-eater' she used this dressing. It has something for every taste bud, including her husband. A little sweet, a little sour, and a little spicy. Let us know how your man reacts. See product

26 profiles
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