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Who's behind the labels

All the stories on our labels are based on a real member of the Beerenberg family. You can find out more about them below and, if you see them around the farm, ask if what’s written is really true! 

26 profiles

Paul Cook Paul is a Cook in our Beerenberg Farm kitchen. See product
Peter Chilli Sauce - as dangerous as Uncle Peter on cracker night Please approach with caution. Until you get used to it.Uncle Pete loves spicy food. But even he seemed nervous when he first tried this sauce. The fact it's so fiery comes as no accident. Many have asked us to concoct a chilli sauce (aside from Uncle Pete) for years. And we always love a hot suggestion. See product
Raelene Exotic and unforgettable Fig & Cinnamon Jam like Raelene's holiday romance Raelene always had a taste for the exotic. Even as a little girl, she preferred figs and brie to sultanas and cheesesticks. So it came as no surprise when she left us to travel the world after school. Upon her return she was thrilled to discover we'd perfected this Fig and Cinnamon Jam. It reminds her of her beau from the middle east. We don't pry, but the look on her face when she tastes it says it all. See product
Robert The mildly spiced BAVARIAN MUSTARD that turned into a habit. Robert never used to be set in his ways. He couldn't stand eating the same thing two days in a row. But that all changed once we concocted our Bavarian mustard. Now he regularly packs sandwiches for lunch. And while the meaty filling may change, you can bet your life there'll be lashings of this tantalising seeded mustard. If you love it as much as Robert, please drop him an email. See product
Sally The Apricot Jam that Sally always makes time for She kicks off her shoes, takes a deep breath and starts to relax. Jam time is Sally's time. She's always been a busy girl. And now she's a Mum, life's busier still. But everyone needs an outlet. And for Sally that's tea, toast and her favourite Apricot Jam. If, like Sally, you take time out for a favourite jam, please let us know. See product
Steve Steve can work miracles with his Balsamic Beetroot Relish Steve is a great cook. But even he passes this off as his own. As part of the family, our Beetroot relish is kind of his anyway. So we play along, waiting for him to transform ordinary salads, dips, sandwiches and meat dishes into something amazing. Can you? See product

26 profiles
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