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Who's behind the labels

All the stories on our labels are based on a real member of the Beerenberg family. You can find out more about them below and, if you see them around the farm, ask if what’s written is really true! 

26 profiles

Terri Is this Lime & Lemon Marmalade the secret to Terri's zest for life? She always seems to be on her way out does Terri. With boundless energy, she flies out the door each
morning. Usually with training gear, riding gear or a hockey stick over her shoulder. Is this zest for life linked to the Australian limes and lemons she spreads on her morning crumpet? It must be. If you find it gives you a lift too, please write and tell us. See product
Yvonne It was Yvonne's curry and this Mango Chutney that first charmed her husband She knew the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. And for Yvonne, it worked quickly. Her curry was great but it was this perfect complement that led to all the compliments. Then marriage. Feel free to ask for her curry recipe to success via our email. See product

26 profiles
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