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Why are strawberries linked with romance?

This Valentine's Day we delve into the world of chocolate covered strawberries and discover why they're the perfect treat to make and eat on this special day.

Strawberry Season 20/21

Strawberry season in South Australia is November to April, so at the moment pick your own is in full swing. 
Follow us on InstagramFacebook or sign up to our Taste Team for a reminder for when the season starts and finishes - and please always check the website on the day of your planned visit (we sometimes need to close the patch for a short while if we get picked out).

Plan your visit and come join us at the farm to roam the patches in the sunshine, find the biggest and juiciest strawberries and then take them home to enjoy! 


Super Easy Sheet Pan Dinners

Honestly, you can put together almost any meat and veggie combo, and it will turn out great!  There’s no standing over the stove-top stirring or tossing, which can be super inconvenient when you have a tonne of things to do!



Introducing the BEERENBURGER BOX to Create Wicked Burgers

Burgers are a favourite takeaway option, comfort pub food, and also gourmet creations.

From cheeseburgers, beef, chicken and vegetarian options, burgers can be made for any taste and flavour craving.


Which is Australia's best strawberry jam?

We know strawberries. We've been growing and nurturing them in our own backyard for years, to create the most delicious strawberry jam.

At Beerenberg we are 6th generation Australian family farmers making the world’s best strawberry jam. Now it’s official consumer group Choice have unveiled the cream of the crimson crop in Australia of stir-bought strawberry jam and we’ve come out on top.


Weird, Wonderful and Winning Toasties - 10 Recipes To Make You Drool

Whether it’s the simplicity of two slices of bread, butter and a filling, the fact you can have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and even dessert), or that the thought of ooey-gooey melted cheese can make anyone salivate… but, no matter what the secret ingredient is, toasted sandwiches rock!


68 articles
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