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*Please note: due to Australian honey regulations, we cannot ship this product to WA, Kangaroo Island (SA) or New Zealand

Australian Pink Gum Honey (335g net)

$ 8.10
100% pure Pink Gum Honey, lovingly made by the locals. Bees that is. Revelling in the perfect conditions of the Mt Lofty Ranges, these industrious little makers have collected from the native Pink Gum Tree to create the most delicate and lightly caramel tasting honey!

Honey for the sweet, we delight in bringing you this locally sourced Adelaide Hills Pink Gum Honey.  Available in our farm Shop, as well as our online Store, this most delicate and lightly caramel tasting honey is an absolute pleasure to savour.

Natural Australian Honey (100%)


Servings per Pack:  22.3     Serving Size:  15g

Energy (100g) 1320 kJ
Protein (100g) Less than 1g
  - Gluten Not detected
Fat – Total (100g) Less than 1g
Fat – Saturated (100g) Less than 1g
Carbohydrate – Total (100g) 82.1g
Carbohydrate – Sugars (100g)
Sodium (100g) 14mg


(Total minimum order of $19.50)
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