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Toastie Relish (280g)

$ 5.20
This Toastie Relish helps Anthony make the biggest decision of the day...what to have for lunch. A toasted sandwich is never far from lunchtime thoughts when Anthony has Toastie Relish in his sights. A thick glug of this rich and lightly spicy caramelised onion blend,adds that satisfying warmth to your filing of choice. This relish is perfect inside or on the side of your toasty treat. Anthony chooses both.

Lightly spiced caramelised onions designed to partner any filling you choose.  But don’t stop there.  Add to casseroles, sauces, bbq meats…anywhere a hit of spicy onions can do some good.

Onion (40%), Sugar, Vinegar, Molasses, Malt Extract (Barley, Wheat), Thickeners (Modified Potato Starch, Pectin), Sea Salt, Spices, Garlic, Chilli Peppers, Natural Smoke Flavour.    CONTAINS BARLEY, WHEAT     Refrigerate after opening

Servings per Pack:  18.6   Serving Size:  15g

Energy (100g) 890 kJ
Protein (100g) 1.7g
Fat – Total (100g) Less than 1g
Fat – Saturated (100g) Less than 1g
Carbohydrate – Total (100g) 49.0g
Carbohydrate – Sugars (100g)
Sodium (100g) 490mg


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