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The Sticky Fig & Onion Pete saves for the win (280)

$ 5.20
After a footy match Pete loves nothing more than returning home for a celebratory BBQ (no, his team never loses). This Sticky Fig & Onion always features in the post-game rotation. In fact, smothered onto BBQ'd meats, cheeses (or straight out the jar) it gets a firm six points every time. Now that's a winner.

Plump figs, onions and dates, gently united with the perfect dose of Balsamic, resulting in this mouth-watering, sticky, caramelised sensation. Perfectly paired with your favourite cheese or smothered on meat.

Onion (19%), Fig (17%), Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Dates, White Sugar, Balsamic Vinegar, Cornflour, Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Sea Salt, Spices


Refrigerate after opening

Servings per Pack:  18.7     Serving Size: 15g

Energy (100g)

690 kJ

Protein (100g)

Less than 1g

  - Gluten

Not detected

Fat – Total (100g)

Less than 1g

Fat – Saturated (100g)

Less than 1g

Carbohydrate – Total (100g)


Carbohydrate – Sugars (100g)


Sodium (100g)



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