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Triple the Flavour Gift Pack 2

$ 21.30
Good things come in Beerenberg jars! Our "Triple the Flavour" gift pack teams three yummy flavours - Sticky Fig; Lemon & Lime; and Balsamic Beetroot - together in our our handy freshly-designed jar gift pack. A perfect gift for any occasion.

185mm L x 65mm W x 140mm H

Our “Triple the Flavour” jar gift pack(*) contains three delicious products perfectly packed in our beautifully styled, sturdy cardboard gift box. The three jar stars are:

  • Sticky Fig Chutney 265gm
  • Lemon & Lime Curd 300gm
  • Balsamic Beetroot Relish 280gm

A triple flavour treat!

(*) if a product listed is temporarily out of stock, we will replace it with a similar product of equal value.

$21.30 + shipping

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Refer individual product labels.

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