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*Be inspired!

Dinner's Sorted 6 Pack (240ml ea)

$ 37.20
Let us inspire you with our range of Slow Cooker and 30 Minute Meal Base sauces.

That's 6 dinners sorted!

23H x 22W x 14D

Be inspired with our range of Slow Cooker sauces - in one delicious Dinner's Sorted 6 Pack (*). Take your tastebuds on a culinary journey across the world without leaving home. Just add a few ingredients, follow the simple steps and your dinners are well and truly sorted!

  • French Chicken Coq Au Vin Slow Cooker Sauce 240ml
  • Moroccan Lamb Slow Cooker Sauce 240ml
  • Spanish Chicken Slow Cooker Sauce 240ml
  • Chicken Chorizo Paella 30 minute meal base 240ml
  • Lamb Biryani 30 minute meal base 240ml
  • Miso Maple Pork 30 minute meal base 240ml

$37.20 + shipping

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Refer individual product labels.

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