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Beerenberg Foundation

Our Mission

To conserve and celebrate Hahndorf’s cultural, built and natural heritage.

Why a Foundation?

We wished to establish a clear focus for Beerenberg’s philanthropic activities while ensuring an effective and accountable means of giving.

Foundation Structure

Launched in April 2010, the Beerenberg Foundation is a private charitable trust, established solely for charitable purposes by Beerenberg Pty Ltd.

The Foundation is bound by a legal trust deed to continue carrying out the mission of the foundation in perpetuity, making decisions solely for the public benefit and without regard to the commercial interests of Beerenberg Pty Ltd.

The Foundation has an Advisory Committee, consisting of:

  • The directors of Beerenberg Pty Ltd;
  • A representative of the Flinders Trustees Group
  • Director of the Foundation - an employee of Beerenberg Pty Ltd assigned to the Foundation and reporting to the directors of the trustee

This Advisory Committee meets quarterly to make decisions via consensus on projects to be funded.

Heritage Walkway Signs

The signs, co-funded by the Beerenberg Foundation, provide a cultural appreciation and historical perspective about the life of the early pioneers who settled the township of Hahndorf.

Placed along the Heritage Walkway adjoining the St Paul’s Lutheran Homes, the signs give an understanding of how Hahndorf was settled, the hardships the early pioneers had to face and how they blended with the indigenous Peramangk people. 

Hahndorf Academy

We funded the 'Windows and Doors' project at the Hahndorf Academy.  This beautiful 153 year old heritage building has had multiple incarnations throughout its history, including a school, hospital, dentist and a betting shop, among many others.

The Foundation is funding a series of vintage-inspired signs created for each room, accessible to the Academy's 80,000 visitors each year.  Each sign will detail the room's uses over the building's lifetime, including fascinating anecdotes that bring its history to life for the visitor.

Pioneer Women's Memorial

The Hahndorf Community Association and the District Council of Mount Barker have designed a monument to honour the endurance and pioneering spirit of the women and girls of Hahndorf's early Germanic settlers. 

Erected in Hahndorf's Pioneer Memorial Gardens, the Beerenberg Foundation is proud to have part-funded this important project.

Revegetation of the Hahndorf District

The Beerenberg Foundation has provided funding to assist the local Landcare group, Trees Please! Inc. to collect seed from local native trees and shrubs, raise seedlings and plant them in the Hahndorf area.  The group do most of their work at 'The Cedars', the former Hahndorf home of celebrated artist Hans Heysen, still owned by the Heysen family.

Hahndorf Heritage Building Signs

The Beerenberg Foundation provided funding to the Hahndorf Community Assocation Inc. to create and install ten heritage signs on State Heritage buildings along Hahndorf Main Street.

Each sign conveys the history of each building and raises visitor’s awareness of the cultural and social background of the town’s original 1839 settlers.

2012 Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium

Held in April 2012, this inaugural symposium saw eight internationally acclaimed sculptors work over 20 days at The Cedars in Hahndorf to create eight totally unique stone sculptures.  They are to be permanently placed in hills locations, including this stunning piece below by Australian sculptor Craig Medson, which will be placed on the lawns of the Hahndorf Academy. 

The Beerenberg Foundation made a donation towards the cost of creating this sculpture.  We know many local people are looking forward to driving and walking past it for years to come, remembering how they saw it being created from a what was just a huge chunk of stone.

Heysen Sculpture Biennial (HSB) Catalogue

Exhibitions began in 2000 as the initiative of local artist Helen Lyons, founder of Trees Please, the environmental group responsible for the continuing rehabilitation of the tracts of bushland within The Cedars, the home of Sir Hans Heysen.  In recent years the HSB has gone from strength to strength, encouraging siting of the first Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium on the ridge at The Cedars in 2012. 

The HSB catalogue is designed to provide a permanent record of all the works in each exhibition. In addition, all Adelaide Hills Secondary Art Teachers Association member schools receive class sets of the catalogue to augment the teaching of 3D work. 

The Beerenberg Foundation is a regular contributor to the production of the HSB catalogue. 

From Footprint to Footplate

Ink Pot Arts, with the support of the District Council of Mount Barker and various sponsors, presented From Footprint to Footplate, an in-school performance acknowledging and celebrating the history, influential persons, founding families and culture of the Adelaide Hills region. 

The Beerenberg Foundation contributed to two touring seasons of From Footprint to Footplate.

Nixons' Mill

The Hahndorf Community Association initiated a project with the Mount Barker District to preserve and restore the historic Nixon's Mill to its former glory. 

Frederick R Nixon's wind-powered mill was completed in 1842 overlooking the road between Hahndorf and Mount Barker. This mill opened up an important agricultural area of South Australia and it was able to grind over half a million bushels of wheat in one season. Milling ceased at Nixon's site in 1864 as it was no longer able to compete with the steam-powered mills.

The Beerenberg Foundation contributed to the preservation and restoration project; with works including, site rehabilitation, safe public access and installing information boards and signage to reflect the significance of the Mill in Hahndorf's early history.


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